Condo Management

Condominium Association & HOA Management

What We Do What We Don’t Do
Obtain board approval prior to obligating Association funds Spend Association funds without Board authorization
Offer a flat monthly fee Nickel and dime Associations with hidden fees and charges
Respond promptly to phone calls and e-mails Allow your messages to get lost in voicemail or stuck in an e-mail inbox
Provide monthly on site inspections with Board Member(s) Allow your most valuable asset to deteriorate due to neglect
Provide accurate and timely financial statements Rely on inexperienced or marginally skilled bookkeepers to oversee your finances
Provide 24 hour emergency response with direct access to a property manager Wait until “the next business day” to handle your emergency

Condominium Association & HOA Management Services


Charter Oak’s policy is to follow the directions of our clients while focusing on the goals of the community as a whole. We strive to improve the quality of living for all residents and protect and increase property and unit values. Our management approach is proactive. Our managers and staff recommend preventive programs and measures to our clients rather than simply reacting to problems as they arise.Clients will experience our premier customer service and soon realize that it is second to none. Whether it is a phone call, letter or email, our responsiveness and desire to fulfill all of a client’s needs set us apart from other property managers.

Key administrative services include:

  • Respond to calls and requests by resolving any issues and if necessary, communicating them to the key contact person on the Board of Directors
  • Attend regularly scheduled board meetings, including the presentation of a detailed board package containing all pertinent items required for the meeting
  • Attend and coordinate the annual meeting of the association
  • Work with the Association’s legal representatives to resolve litigation and collection matters
  • Secure and coordinate all insurance coverage for the association
  • Act as the interface between the Association Board and the owners of the property
  • Ensure Association is in compliance with annual budget
  • Prepare and issue resale certificates, statements of unpaid common charges, and mortgage questionnaires
  • Maintain a comprehensive database of unit owner records, including separate/individual unit owner files where applicable
  • Address violations of association rules and regulations

Property Maintenance

Charter Oak has developed an extensive network of dependable, experienced, licensed and insured contractors that include plumbers, electricians, landscapers, roofers and painters to handle every maintenance and emergency need. We competitively bid for services from independent, unaffiliated contractors. While we can recommend contractors for any project, we are also happy to work with any established contractor recommended through other sources.

We take a proactive approach to property maintenance and have a history of recommending programs and strategic plans to associations in order to protect unit owners’ investments rather than simply reacting to problems after they arise. Regular inspections, servicing and replacement programs can be both cost-effective and beneficial.

Key maintenance services include:

  • Provide timely response to all routine and emergency repair requests
  • Schedule and supervise routine maintenance of common elements
  • Solicit proposals and interview the following types of vendors: insurance, landscaping, auditors, reserve study, maintenance contracts and other services
  • Obtain proper licensing and insurance compliance by all contractors
  • Oversee the vendor’s performing on-going services and repairs at the property
  • Provide 24 hour emergency response
  • Maintain a list of preferred contractors to refer to unit owners and negotiate “group pricing” for the benefit of the association


Almost any property management firm can provide financial information from a wide variety of accounting software available today. But it takes an experienced, professional organization to understand and present this information in a clear, understandable and useful way to those who need the information. Charter Oak takes pride in the accuracy of the information we compile and provide in our “everyday language” approach to delivering financial reports.

From a financial perspective, it is important to understand the past, know what you are doing today, and effectively plan for the future. Detailed and comprehensive operating and reserve budgeting is a trademark of our financial management services. Every property’s budget is tailored individually since each complex is unique and must be treated accordingly.

Key financial services include:

  • Maintain separate, individual bank account(s)
  • Provide monthly financial reports
  • Collect common charges, special assessments and other income
  • Provide delinquency notices and monthly delinquency report to the board
  • Coordinate with the association’s attorney on collection matters
  • Bill receipt, verification and payment
  • Preparation of a comprehensive annual budget
  • Assist with and/or initiate long range planning for the common elements, including reserve account planning
  • Coordinate the year-end tax filing with the accountant of your choice

Capital Projects

Charter Oak understands that you want to enjoy your community today but that it is also necessary to plan for tomorrow. We have extensive experience in effective and proactive long term reserve fund planning. We work with specialists to assess the useful life of a property’s major components, anticipate replacement costs, and establish long-term goals as an integral part of our property management approach. These goals are then integrated with your operating and reserve budget planning.

To implement long term plans, we can prepare bid specifications, solicit bids and supervise the project. Our staff has overseen countless capital improvement projects, including:

  • Roof repair and replacement
  • Asphalt repair, resurfacing and resealing
  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Vinyl and wood siding repair and replacement
  • Gutter repair and replacement
  • Pool repair and refurbishment
  • Tennis/Basketball court repair and resurfacing
  • Balcony, porch, patio and deck repair and replacement
  • Landscaping design and improvements
  • Fencing installation
  • Lighting installation and upgrades